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it's stuck in my head

guess what it is

Stuck In Your Head: Guess The Lyrics
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MOD = best_deception5

Okay! This is a guess the lyrics community. This isn't a place to talk about music (if you'd like to say that's a great song do so in a comment). This isn't a place to post pictures. This is simply a game. Follows the rules and have fun!

Put lyrics to no more than 3 songs per entry.
Number each set of lyrics.
Guess the lyrics in a comment.

Simple right? Sure it is!

Also. You MAY promote musically related communities here. On one condition: You may only promote your community once a week. I don't want a page full of adds. Thanks.
If you would like your community promoted on this community's info page contact me at best_deception5@hotmail.com. I will decide if it suits my interest.