JUJU Vengeance (kiss_the_skullx) wrote in stuckinyourhead,
JUJU Vengeance

Hey people, ya'll need to Step it up. I remember when this community used to be Fun and poppin. with lyrics posted everyday. how bout we get back to that?

Anyway here's a few lyrics for ya:

1- Hollywood hills and suburban thrills,
hey you, who are you kidding?
Don't quit 'til 47.
Then we'll turn it up and we'll play a little faster.

2- And if it's okay, I'll just grab my shit and leave
I won't say one word, I'll keep my tricks up my sleeve
Flew off of the handle, you opened fire on me
Put me down, put me out of misery
I'm fatally yours

3- speak to me
tell me something so typical
a lullaby or something miserable
that will keep me up at night

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